2017 Resolution #1

So here I am for my first official blog and I’m going to be utterly cliche.

My biggest regret last year was I hardly used my camera; so this year I’m getting my skills and passion back up to speed. The first gift my now husband gave me while we were dating was a Canon Rebel T5i. I started taking pictures of my daughter and my husband’s band and also started taking photographs for my works’ construction projects. And for some reason (usually happens with hobbies) along the way I just stopped, kind of lost my touch and have a perfectly nice (expensive) set of lens and a great camera just collecting dust. So not cool Rae. Yes I totally referred to myself in the third person. 

So 2017 resolution #1 (yes I have more then one) is to take more pictures! Photography anything landscapes, my daughter, my dogs, my husband’s band. Everything that anyone is good at starts with passion … photography has always been a passion of mine and this year I want it to go from more then just a hobby. Maybe a new career? 

Below are just a few favorites from the last time I photographed my husband’s band BLAGGARDS … (yes shameless plug go check them out Blaggards

#photography #music 

Enjoy 💋

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