Bye Bye Computer

So over the weekend my hard drive on my laptop decided to quit on me. So not cool! After hours and hours of trying to bring my mac back to life I got this dreaded message …

‘This drive has a hardware problem that can’t be repaired’

‘Back up as much of the data as possible and replace the disk. See an authorized Apple dealer for more information.’

Now this isn’t as heartbreaking because only a few months prior after a failed update in the OS system, i accidentally wiped my computer out trying to fix the failed OS system and I lost everything. Five years of pictures etc gone. All my little silly videos of Olivia, wedding pictures (thankfully I have them stored elsewhere) Just everything was gone…so losing my hard drive this time around wasn’t such a bummer but I am without a computer still.

Hopefully receiving my new hard drive today…I’m going from HDD to SSD (I’ve heard a lot of good things about this switch) also went from 500GB to 1TB!!! Just in time for my mini photo shoot Friday! I’m also going to be investing in a external hard drive any suggestions are helpful.

Breaking the camera out this weekend, doing some promo portraits for my husband’s band (wish me luck super nervous but really excited) also I’ll be taking some photos at the live show!!! Lots of new updates to come…stay tuned!


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